Amenities at Sobha Galera

Amenities at Sobha Galera

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Sobha Galera is an impeccable residential project in the immediate vicinity of the expressway in Bangalore which encompasses offers a wide range of amenities to its residents. These amenities constitute swimming pool, gymnasium, playing field for children, landscaped gardens. Besides, the residences are equipped with an uninterrupted round the clock water and electricity supplies. Sobha Galera also has a clubhouse that can be used by the residents for hosting parties or events.

Located in the immediate vicinity of important institutions

Unlike other projects, Sobha Galera residences are situated in the immediate vicinity of important institutions including Hospitals, police station, religious institutions, school and leading restaurants like the McDonalds.

Multiple corridors for access

The residences have multiple ingress and egress points leading to different locations. It allows residents to avoid any junction or conflict while navigating to different locations on their route map.

Multiple Amenities to fit to your age group

At Sobha Galera, the residences are well equipped with advanced amenities, all at one place. You can have 24/7 wifi connectivity, while immediate access to swimming pools, financial institutions, restaurants, gym, and diverse playing fields. It encompasses amenities for small age groups with well equipped playing grounds, to ancillary equipments for grownups, involving jogging areas, gyms, cycling, swimming etc.

Best residences with advanced structural designs

The residences at Sobha Galera have been designed and planned by world’s leading engineers and architects after thorough consultation and model testing, all to ensure a safe, comfortable, healthy and lavish life style for residents.

Affordability Through Best Prices

We offer residences at affordable and astonishing prices to ensure that our community of Sobha Galera subsumes assorted socio-economic backgrounds. We abide by Vasudhaiva Kutumbakum ( World is one place) and endeavor to create a community of a happy, satisfied, and healthy populace.

Having gone through the multitudinous amenities offered by Sobha Limtied, what keeps you waiting? Go through our pricing plans at our website and schedule a meeting. You can also call us via the helpline at +919999697570.